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10 Places to Have Sex at Home to Spice Up Your Sex Life

10 Places to Have Sex at Home to Spice Up Your Sex Life

10 Places to Have Sex at Home to Spice Up Your Sex Life

10 Places to Have Sex at Home to Spice Up Your Sex Life

10 Places to Have Sex at Home to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Ok, when it comes to sex at home the bedroom normally sees most of the action right? So, what else can you do to spice things up, that don’t include couples’ bondage sets and having a wide array of sex toys and accessories?

Change the scenery of course! By changing the locations of where you have sex it removes the normality and home stresses from your system, which gets your adrenaline pumping and increases your arousal. Additionally, the shared experience of excitement and experimentation brings you closer together as a couple and can be used to fuel further excitement in a relationship.

One thing to remember is that getting funky in a new location is all about a thrilling new shared experience, rather than just trying to achieve that mind altering orgasm. Some women may struggle to reach that heavenly point because of the limited positions they can do or because they may not be fully focused. But don’t let that get in your way! It’s 100% possible to have incredible sex without an orgasm and the experience will be more than worth it, not to mention the thrill is something to recall later for an additional conversation and bedroom kick-starter…

We’ve asked our in-house sexperts to share their wealth of knowledge and experience with you and you won’t be disappointed. Here they’ve written a handy guide to provide you some home inspiration for 10 places to have sex within the boundaries of your own home. Remember, variety is the spice of life.


The Shower

Having sex in a pool, lake or sea is all well and good but what about something that’s closer to home? Shower sex is incredibly arousing and can be the perfect start to your morning. For those with a bath and wanting to upgrade their shower sex, get yourself a waterproof vibrator, some lube and get inventive.

In the Garden/Backyard

Want to enjoy the thrill of having sex outdoors, away from home while not getting caught? Well this perfect solution is within your own boundary and offers the thrill we all seek whilst never leaving your home. For added privacy you can always add sheets to your clothes line for some cover or pitch a tent for some ‘outdoor activities’.

On the Stairs

This absolute hidden gem of a perfect sex spot has been staring you in the face every day all along. Our sexpert suggestion is the incredible standing doggie style! Just bend/get bent over a few steps up from each other so your parts are in line and you can enter/be entered without needing to crouch. Another suggestion is to have one person recline on a step while the other straddles their piece or strap on dildo with their back facing the partner’s chest. Use those lower steps for extra leverage and stability while you both thrust away. You’re also perfectly positioned for a little reach around and play for that extra stair stimulation. Going up and down the stairs will never be the same again!

In the Garage

Are you outside the house or inside? Can the neighbours hear you? Well, all that depends on how jiggy you both get and lose yourselves in the moment. Similar to having sex in your garden, it gives you the thrill of not being inside your house whilst still giving you the safety and security to get naughty without being caught.. Unless the kids walk in of course, better check those locks!

In Front of a Mirror

In what is probably the easiest and quickest way to spice up your sex life, this sex hack doesn’t even involve leaving the bedroom. By either facing a mirror or having one positioned where you can watch yourselves back (side, front or even ceiling…), this sexual solution is a must do. Partners can both share the experience of not only watching themselves in action, but also by seeing their partners enjoyment in positions you typically wouldn’t be able to make that all important eye contact. This can increase arousal levels and orgasm quality significantly; simply by the addition of this non-typical visual stimulation.

On the Floor

Now we’ve all been in the situation where things get passionate and you’re close to falling off the bed. We suggest embracing going down at the lowest point and working each other up to frenzy. Use the ground for stability and balance to try out those positions you’ve been thinking about for a while but just haven’t got round to yet. We would definitely suggest laying a rug or blanket first for comfort, especially if it’s a cold hard stone floor… ;)

In the Car

Now whether it’s in a garage, driveway or on the road, is there any more dangerous place to have sex in the vicinity of your own home? Pull down those back seats, make some room and get busy like it’s 1969 and you’re at a drive in cinema. We don’t advise trying the front seat sex positions unless you like the idea of random things hitting random places unexpectantly… If you do, there’s toys for that!

The Couch

You’ve probably crossed this one off you list already, but even so, are you doing it as well as you could be? This home must-do can actually improve your orgasm if done correctly. By stacking cushions and throws under your lower back, it can increase your chances of reaching orgasm. As an added bonus you can lean over the side arm rests for an adventurous adaptation to the popular doggy style!

In the Kitchen

It’s like those work surfaces were designed to be the perfect height for sex. Whether you’re lifting a partner to face you, legs straddling the other or one’s bent over the surface with their hands firmly on the top. Kitchen sex is guaranteed to get your arousal and adrenaline going, with the added danger of other resident walk ins and nosy neighbours peeking through the windows for the free show. Top tip – put away the fine china before you get rowdy!

In Utility Room/On the Washing Machine

Well it’s only fitting that our last sex spot encourages you to get down and dirty in a place created to be clean! Use those good vibrations to your advantage and put on a heavy spin before you get to it. Lift your partner on top of the machine and let the vibrations flow through the two of you for that added shared volcanic eruption of sexual pleasure. Our sexpert top tip is to add a shoe or stone underneath the machine to put it off kilter, it will rattle and roll like it was invented for your carnal pleasure in the swinging 60’s.

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