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The Magic G-Spot. What is it and where to find it!

The Magic G-Spot. What is it and where to find it!

The Magic G-Spot. What is it and where to find it!

The Magic G-Spot. What is it and where to find it!

Where to Find the G Spot and How to Find the G Spot

Ok, so you’ve heard of the magical G-Spot but do you actually know what it is? Where to find it? Is it even a real thing?! Well this blog aims to educate and enlighten you to the wonders of the G-Spot and gives you some handy tips on how to utilise its pleasure potential….

What is the G-Spot?

First, the science bit! The G-Spot, also known as the Gräfenberg spot (more on this below), is an erogenous zone located along the vaginal wall that when stimulated can lead to extremely high levels of sexual arousal, powerful orgasms and potential female ejaculation! Sounds too good to be true right? People’s responses to stimulation of the G-Spot vary from person to person with some saying that stimulation causes them to produce higher levels of lubrication that usual or to ejaculate. Others have remarked on more intense and powerful orgasms or that it makes orgasm from vaginal penetration possible. Others however have responded differently with some unable to find the G-Spot or not believing they have one, whilst some report stimulation as unpleasant or even painful.

The G-Spot was named after the famous German gynaecologist Ernst Grafenberg, who first described it in his research in the 1940’s. However it was not until further research was carried out by another team of academics in the early 1980’s that he was credited with this finding and henceforth it was known as the G-Spot around the world. While some research has shown the location and existence of the G-Spot to be up for debate, there is enough evidence to show that with the right knowledge, experience and toys, it is not only real but absolutely worth the exploration!

Where is the G-Spot?

Ok so first of all lie back and get comfy. With your palm facing up, insert your finger(s) a few inches into your vagina. Make sure you use plenty of lube because as well as reducing the risk of injury or soreness it will feel much better.

Now gently press directly into the vaginal wall with a curved finger, sometimes described as either a ‘tickling’ or ‘come here’ motion. The G-Spot area feels spongy and slightly ridged and reacts to more firm pressure than the clitoris. Experiment with different motions and types of touch, moving your finger around in different ways to see what works for you and don’t be scared to press firmly. Try and imagine moving the tissue and noticing how the feeling varies depending on the muscle tone, harder in some areas and softer in others?

Still struggling to get results? A top tip from our in house Sexperts is to get those imaginative juices flowing, so to speak. When thinking erotic thoughts and you become aroused, your G-Spot gets tougher, rougher and doubles in size! So when you’re turned on it should make it more pronounced. Another option to consider alongside the more comfortable position of lying down is to squat and give you deeper access.

If however you’re still not quite there, or just don’t really fancy doing all the exploring yourself, you can delve into exciting world of sex toys sex toys to guarantee that pleasure you so desire. G-Spot vibrators specifically target vibes to your G-Spot with some also targeting your clitoris (but this function can be turned off if desired).

If simultaneous clitoral stimulation is your thing then a rabbit vibrator has to be top of your list! It targets vibes direct to your G-Spot and clitoris both at the same time! The Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit is a worldwide hit with its clit sucking technology guaranteed to get your pleasure senses into overdrive.

What are the best G Spot sex positions, perfect for G-Spot stimulation?

Fortunately, getting your G-Spot when having sex doesn’t require the flexibility of a gymnast. In fact just by changing the angle of your partner’s penis or strap on dildo, so they are brushing your front vaginal wall, nearly any position can stimulate your G-Spot!

Doggy Style

Doggie style isn’t one of the world’s favourite sex positions without good reason… It’s a G-Spot sure thing that can bring you to climax in double quick time. With your hands and knees on the floor arch your pelvis up whilst your partner thrusts at a 45 degree angle downwards, this will ensure the entire length of the shaft will hit along your G-Spot and send waves of pleasure throughout your body. You’re welcome!

For a more intense climax try our Doggie style Strap. With the strap under your hips, your partner can lift you and find the perfect angle for deeper penetration and more intense G-Spot stimulation.


For those who want to be in control and find your G-Spot more easily this position is the perfect opportunity. Lay your partner on their back before straddling them, ensuring you face them throughout. Lean backwards as they enter you and raise your pelvis up whilst using your hands to support your weight behind you. Slowly, slide up and down with steady consistent strokes. You’ll quickly find that when you’re on top you can move yourself and your partner around to find the G-Spot more easily and reach double climax.

For that extra full senses experience why not try our Fifty Days of Play blindfold and let the sensual experience take control of your body from the inside out.

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