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Why are Satisfyer Vibrators so popular?

Why are Satisfyer Vibrators so popular?

Why are Satisfyer Vibrators so popular?

Why are Satisfyer Vibrators so popular?

Why is the Satisfyer Range so popular worldwide?

So, when you’re looking into the world of vibrators there’s one brand that will consistently be mentioned right at the top of the list. With years of R&D and responding to customers feedback, Satisfyer have developed some of the world’s best vibrators that have provided “Ohhhh Yessss” orgasms around the world, over and over again!

Satisfyer have an expansive range of vibrators from their world famous clitoral sucker, to their Men’s Vibration Masturbator, from classic vibrator’s to vibrating cock rings, and all these goodies are all made to Satisfyer your needs (pun definitely intended). Satisfyer have expanded their product portfolio to cater for everyone, including their couple vibrators which will help you both enjoy your time together even more! We’ll do a review of some of Satisfyer’s top products to educate you on some of their (and the world’s), best vibrating products!

Satisfyer Pro 2:

When talking about the Satisfyer product range there is nowhere else to start than the multiple award-winning clitoral vibrator, which comes in the form of The Satisfyer Pro 2! This is arguably the best clitoral vibrator in the world and utilises pressure waves and tingling pulsations to provide some leg shaking orgasms! Our Sexperts recommend using this award-winning clitoral vibrator with some water-based lubricants to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your Satisfyer Pro 2.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is also waterproof and because it utilises the tingling vibrations and pressure waves, this toy excels underwater so you can enjoy some extremely intense orgasms wherever you please! Here we’ve selected a few reviews of the Satisfyer Pro 2 so you can see what other women said about this toy;

“Imagine 100 perfectly formed angles going down on you – yes that’s how it felt!!”

“I have hormonal problems and low libido and lost lots of sensitivity down there and sex (even masturbation) was often painful. This has delivered big time and I have no problem reaching orgasm – I can’t recommend it enough!”

The entire game has changed. Life started anew, birds were singing, the sun had broken through the clouds. Thank you sincerely for creating this toy. I absolutely love it and it's only been one day. This toy’s the one for me, a soulmate in machine form. 10/10 would recommend to a friend.”

There’s just 3 reviews out of the thousands of positive ones on this clitoral vibrator and honestly, we could’ve kept you reading for weeks about how amazing the Satisfyer Pro 2 has been for so many women. If you’re reading this blog and looking for which Satisfyer product is for you, we certainly recommend you give this clitoral vibrator a whirl and lean back and enjoy this seemingly life changing women’s clitoral vibrator.

Satisfyer Men Vibration

If you’re a guy and are currently thinking “What good is the Satisfyer Pro 2 to me, because I don’t have a clitoris!” Don’t worry, they do male sex toys as well! Satisfyer claim that the Satisfyer Men Vibration is the best slice of exotic quality time you can give to your penis. This male sex toy has 2 powerful motors located in the toy’s tip and middle bulge and boasts 14 varied vibrations to help get you off.

The Satisfyer Men Vibration provides rhythmic vibrations that are reminiscent of oral sex and will help bring you to climax. Our Sexperts have closely reviewed this product and can confirm this product is excellent, however if you’re over the size of 6” there are better suited male sex toys to you. This is because the insertable part of the vibrator isn’t the deepest and instead we’d recommend a toy from the world famous Fleshlight Range, if you’re on the larger side, as this has a longer insertable length. Take a look at one at one of the bestselling toys in their range - the Fleshlight Stoya Destroya and give her a whirl! If you’re under 6” though, then lucky you - you’ll love this male sex toy and we recommend you utilise the Satisfyer Men Vibration with some ID Sensation to enjoy a heating sensation which will massively intensify your climaxes.

Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples:

In typical Satisfyer style their rechargeable couples’ vibrator is a powerful adult sex toy. The Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples is a fantastic couple’s vibrator when correctly used and our Sexperts recommend you spend time together finding your sweet spot; as we’ve found many couples use this toy incorrectly and don’t enjoy its amazing vibrations!  You should work out how to best utilise this couple’s vibrator together before starting your “session”, to find the sweet spot and then go to town with each other! Our Sexperts recommend you insert the thin part of the vibrator into the vagina which presses against the G-Spot and the penis is inserted against this for mutual stimulation. This should leave the clitoral stimulator to apply pressure waves, but because you go back and forth during sex this toy can be very fiddly. If you have the time and patience to work out this couples vibrator, then it is an excellent toy, but if you’re just looking for extra vibrations to improve your sex together, another toy may be better suited to you. For example, take a look at the Couples Vibrator which is much easier to operate and has three separate stimulation zones, with six different vibrating speeds for you both to indulge in.


Satisfyer Ring 2 Classically Rounded:

Satisfyer always deliver with their vibrating cock rings and at the risk of sounding like Britney - Ooops… They’ve done it again! The Satisfyer Ring 2 really is at the higher end of quality spectrum for vibrating cock rings and it possesses 10 vibration modes to improve your SXY time together. This vibrating cock ring can be utilised in male solo play or unleash its powerful vibrations with your partner and indulge in the added stimulation, whilst you enjoy playing together!

Its magnetic rechargeable cable allows you to make sure your vibrating cock ring can last as long as you do! If you’re not a cock ring expert, you may not know all the benefits that cock rings provide. They help to give you harder, longer erections as your cock ring restricts the blood flow to your penis, and many men find this increases the sensitivity when touched. Your cock ring can also help delay premature ejaculation and with a vibrating cock ring, like the Satisfyer Ring 2, it offers mutual stimulation for you and your partner.


Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit:

The Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit gives the ultimate sensation! Typical of the Satisfyer range, the rabbit function provides touch free stimulation as it uses pressure waves onto the clitoris like the Satisfyer Pro 2 and Satisfyer Penguin. However, the Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit stimulates the clitoris as mentioned, but also is perfectly crafted to apply pressure and stimulation to your G-spot, so whether you climax from penetrative feels or clit-stim, this toy should easily bring you to climax!

Rabbit vibrators are a lady’s best friend – and for good reason! Being one of the world’s most favourite sex toys, this rabbit vibrator could easily become your favourite bottom draw toy! Like the Pro 2 and Penguin, this rabbit vibrator is also waterproof, meaning you can get yourself a new bath buddy, which we’re sure will quickly become a regular partner in there!

Satisfyer Pro Penguin:

To round off the Satisfyer range review, we’ll leave you with this absolute gem – The Satisfyer Pro Penguin! This vibrator is very similar to the Satisfyer Pro 2 and has also picked up awards for its ability to leave you breathless and even looks adorable. This penguin will put a smile on your face and will have you desperate to use it over and over again! Like the Satisfyer Pro 2, this clitoral vibrator utilises pressure waves and tingling pulsations, which partner up and will have your legs shaking in no time at all! The Satisfyer Penguin is a handheld, travel friendly, rechargeable vibrator which can deliver multiple orgasms consistently and will ensure you reach full satisfaction!

The Satisfyer Penguin is a waterproof vibrator and, like the Satisfyer pro 2, excels underwater due to its ability to stimulate the clitoris without the needing to be in contact with it. The pressure waves will push the water to the clitoris, literally pushing pressure waves to give you undeniable satisfaction, in the bath, in the pool, or wherever you wish!

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