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Arts of Insanity

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Prepare yourself for hours of delightfully filthy fun with The Arts of Insanity party game. It is a naughty party game for the creatively insane, where two teams compete in show-and-tell fashion, trying to artistically convey a hilarious character and action combination.

Unearth your inner erotic artist. The character and action cards merge together to form amazingly insane scenarios, which you must either describe, act, draw or mime for your teammates. They have two minutes to guess the answer. The more difficult the method, the more points a team will get.

In teams of at least 2 players each, you take turns at guessing until a team scores 25 points and can call themselves the undefeated insane artists of the night! The game is not for the faint of heart but challenges you to play and perform for one hell of a night full of kink and filth.

The game is in English.

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