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Balldo Set

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Your gateway to your first ballsex experience and your first ballgasm! - your balldo set comes with a balldo & two spacer rings to ensure that you have everything you need to start having fun.

The balldo is made from phthalate-free silicone with a super stretchy upper ring to make putting the balldo on and off as easy as putting on your underwear.

  • Completely unique climax - The testicles have almost as many nerve endings as the female Vulva, meaning it’ll be one of the most intense climaxes to date
  • Have your first ballgasm - Enjoy a feeling like never before with the world's first ball dildo. A monumental moment for men around the world, completely changing the game of male sex toys around the globe
  • Unbelievably fun - The Balldo is a dildo you put your testicles into, allowing you to enjoy intercourse with your partner… with your balls! This couples sex toy will bring you closer together as you have fun, increase intimacy between you and enjoy laughter - all topped off with an incredible finish!
  • Enjoy intercourse hard or soft - Perfect for anyone who struggles with erectile dysfunction, ejaculates early, or wants to try something completely new!
  • Something new - Enjoy trying something new in the bedroom? This adult toy for couples will give you and your partner a completely unique experience that you’ll be desperate to try again and again 
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