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Satisfyer 1 Next Generation Silicone Suction Head 5 Pack

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5 interchangeable attachments for the Number One Air-Pulse Stimulator. With long-term use of your favorite toys, the interchangeable head provides an occasional, hygienic change-up.

Why do I need new attachments for my Number One?

This soft replaceable head is especially suitable for your Satisfyer Number One. If you’ve misplaced the original cap, you can easily reorder one here. The shape is identical to the original attachment and is also made of silky smooth silicone. The interchangeable head is also very practical when you're on the go because you can store the attachments easily in your toiletry bag. Who would want to travel without their Number One?

How do I change the attachments on my Satisfyer Number One?

To change, gently pull the applicator head until it comes off your Number One. Afterwards you can clean the head without the attachment, for example with Satisfyer Disinfectant Spray. Then you only have to use a little pressure to press the attachment on to your Satisfyer again. Make sure it’s placed the right way round and it will sparkle in its old glory and be ready to go again.

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