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LELO Beads Plus

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xtend your pleasure and train your body for multiple orgasms. LELO Beads™ Plus prepares you for more intense orgasming as this luxurious set of six interchangeable weighted beads offers a greater variety of strength training combinations.

Its gentle kinetic vibrations respond to your body’s movements, helping you gradually achieve stronger, longer orgasms for enhanced pleasure. You will be able to control and recognize areas that allow you to experience multiple orgasms, which is why LELO Beads™ Plus is your must-go set for multiple orgasms.

  • PUSH YOUR LIMITS - our customers needed an extra challenge to achieve stronger enchantment. That’s why LELO Beads Plus includes 2 more ben wa balls for increased excitement that weigh 60 g each
  • VARIETY AND STRENGTH - 6 weighted beads offer you more combinations for building strength. Start with 1 and gradually add more until you find the perfect combination
  • FOR ALL AGES - beads aid circulation to the pelvic floor and neuromuscular control to avoid incontinence, aid in prenatal preparation and postpartum recovery, and with easier end under the sheets.
  • TONE YOUR PELVIC FLOOR - the different weight of balls ensures a comfortable workout that helps strengthen the vaginal wall and pelvic floor muscles through effective kegel exercising
  • BODY-SAFE - internationally recognized and certified, with the highest standard of safety and construction, LELO Beads are made of body-safe materials
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