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What Should I Buy my Boyfriend for Christmas?

What Should I Buy my Boyfriend for Christmas?

What Should I Buy my Boyfriend for Christmas?

What Should I Buy my Boyfriend for Christmas?

What should I buy my boyfriend for Christmas?

So, we’re coming up to December time again and you’re probably wondering what should I buy my boyfriend for Christmas? Buying Christmas presents for your partner has always been a tough task and is one many fear! So much could go wrong in the present purchasing department and millions of partners around the world are left wondering what to buy your man for Christmas? So, we’ve asked our in-house SXY Sexperts to answer one of the hardest questions of all time – What do I get my boyfriend for Christmas?! We've created a selection box where you can create your very own Boyfriend Bundle! Read on to find out…

We’re kicking this off with an absolute gem of a couple’s sex toy from sex toy superstars – Satisfyer. The Satisfyer Royal One is a vibrating cock ring which can be controlled via the Satisyfer app remotely, or from anywhere in the world! Stay connected with your partner from anywhere in the world and even enjoy intimate moments from afar for just £28.99 thanks to The Satisfyer Royal One. This fantastic app controlled vibrating cock ring is fantastic when used during sex and helps maintain a stronger erection for longer, helping with premature ejaculation. Or have him put it on whilst you two are doing something and keep control of his vibrations and watch him struggle with enjoyment, before he can’t keep his hands off of you! Due to this app-controlled cock ring being technologically advanced our Sexperts recommend utilising this new feature and put it on and go for a walk, watch a movie, or even sit and enjoy Christmas dinner! How adventurous are you willing to go?

App enabled Satisfyer The Royal One

Our next present recommendation for your partner is directly from our Romantic Nights Experience. The whole ethos behind our Romantic Nights is to bring you back to the roots of your relationship – what bought you together in the first place. A romantic night together improves your relationship for so many reasons. These nights aren’t always easy to fit into our busy schedules but are so key in maintaining strong relationships.

A romantic night in together improves trust, creates and withholds bonds together, reminds you both of the best parts of your relationship and improves intimacy, bringing you closer together. The You & Me - Bundle contains the You & Me Game of Love (£13.99), The You & Me Red Blindfold (£4.99), and a scene setting luscious bag of rose petals (£4.99) for just £19.99! This bargain bundle permits the romantic setting that will wow your boyfriend and will commence you on a journey of love together, leading into a lustful night that won’t be forgotten anytime soon!

You & Me - Bundle

Remaining on the Romantic Nights theme, for our next present which is sure to turn the heat up of your night! For just £19.99 you can enjoy a night of romances with the Shunga Geisha’s Secrets – Green Tea lovers kit. Indulge in warming aphrodisiac oil, a massage candle, personal lubricant, sanitising gel and a sensual massage oil to provide the intimacy to your relationship. This sensual kit is the perfect Christmas present for your boyfriend, and this can be beautifully paired with the You & Me - Bundle to create a lustful night of romance.

Shunga Geishas Garden

The next item that’ll be on your man’s Christmas list is one that our Sexperts say will make for a not so silent night! When you’re down on your partner use this orgasmic oral sex toy to make him go crazy! The Blow Yo Sensation Swirl is a cock sleeve that possesses tantalising ticklers that which will help you give him the BJ of a lifetime this Christmas! The Blow Yo Sensation Swirl Male Masturbator can also be used in your absence! Your partner can enjoy all of this sucking sensation this cock sleeve has to offer whenever he wants, as this isn’t just a couple’s sex toy. All in all, get this penis stroker and at only £25, you’re onto a winner! Give him the Christmas present he’s always wanted and add this as a seductive stocking filler!

Blow Yo Sensation Swirl

As it’s Christmas, here at SXY we know how to keep the heat in the bedroom as, well “baby it’s cold outside!” Adult couple board games are the perfect present for your boyfriend during the festive season, as they can really bring you closer together this over this period and beyond. Previously mentioned was the You & Me couples board game, which is a lovely intimate game. There’s a whole bunch of different adult board games that’ve been designed specifically to spice up your relationship, no matter what age! For example, there’s Domin8, the game that lets one partner take up the dominant role and the other take up the submissive role. This is the perfect couples board game for couples into dom/sub play and more toys to add to this enjoyment can be found in our Dom & Sub Play Experience section. Whoever wins the first part of the game can decide if they’re going to be dominated or showing their partner the ropes (Pun definitely intended!).

Domin8 Adult Board Game

The Fifty Nights of Naughtiness Bundle, is a game with 10 secret envelopes at each of the 5 levels of play! Just roll the dice and see what shade of naughtiness you will be enjoying tonight! This game is targeted on sensual ideas, naughty adventures and erotic surprises; and comes accompanied with the Fifty Nights of Naughtiness Blindfold so you can start playing right away! In this game everyone’s a winner and if you’re looking to spice up your sex life this adult couple’s game is definitely for you!

If you wish to check out more adult couples’ games and board games check out our Games Selection, for a wider variety of games.

The last adult board game though is an award winner for a reason! With over 1.5 Million copies of this adult board game sold worldwide, this really is up there with the very best adult board games ever made!! Previously recommended by Red Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Top Sante, Mens health, American Sexpert and digital influencer Dr Emily Morse, amongst others; Monogamy A Hot Affair… With Your Partner, is the adult couples board game for all! So, if you’re wondering what to get your boyfriend this Christmas and you’re wanting a game to bring you closer together, LOOK NO FURTHER!

Monogamy let’s couples live the fairy-tail, that one person can meet all your emotional, romantic and sexual needs! This couples adult board game is sure to be one of your boyfriend’s favourite presents he’s ever received (and your favourite present to give!). Indulge in a night full of lust, love and laughing together guided by Monogamy the Board Game and enjoy playing together until the early hours.

Monogamy Adult Couples Board Game

Our final present is of course going to be his favourite present of all – YOU! We’ve attached a recommended Lingerie line for you, however please go and see what tickles your fancy in our Lingerie Section,. Sexy lingerie is an absolute winner at Christmas time and we’re sure you’ll look like the perfect present, wrapped up in our SXY Lingerie! Lingerie should empower you, make you feel amazing about yourself and make you look at your best! So, we only stock lingerie lines that will make you feel and look outstanding!

This is going to be an odd Christmas this year due to Covid-19, however here at SXY we’re hoping to put a smile on your face with some fantastic offers! Enjoy 15% OFF using code 'BFBUN15' and win girlfriend of the year, without leaving a hole in your pocket!

Create your unique selection box from this fantastic boyfriend bundle here! 

what to buy my boyfriend for christmas?

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